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Drive sustainable success with expert-crafted biodiversity strategies that are proven to work. Leading the way in ecological innovation, we’ll help you embrace a future where your company grows responsibly.

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Biodiversity strategies are a strategic asset

A well-designed corporate biodiversity strategy is a strategic asset. It protects the future of your business by navigating environmental risks and uncovering new market opportunities.

Our approach goes beyond minimising impact – it positions your business as a sustainability leader. You’ll connect with customers, investors and employees by playing your role in this global movement.

Navigate the complexities

Biodiversity can be daunting. Companies like yours face a myriad of challenges – such as strict regulations, ever-changing market demands, the need for sustainable supply chains and reducing operational risks.

We’ll help you navigate the complexities so you feel empowered to oversee your company’s biodiversity strategy.

Our biodiversity strategy services

Get help with planning, coordinating, executing and monitoring your corporate or conservation biodiversity strategy.

Risk Assessment

Identifying and quantifying biodiversity risks tailored to your business's unique profile.

Risk Assessment

Biodiversity risk is unique to every business, influenced by materials, policies, supply chains and adaptability. Understanding your business’s specific risks is crucial. Our risk assessment pinpoints the scale and urgency of biodiversity challenges, setting the stage for tailored impactful solutions.

Disclosure & Compliance

Ensuring transparency and rigorous compliance that sets your business up for success.

Disclosure & Compliance

Enhance your biodiversity strategy with our focused compliance and disclosure services. Designed for simplicity and impact, they ensure transparent reporting regarding environmental impact, embodying sustainability and a commitment to conservation. We can help your business align with Nature Frameworks such as SBTN, TNFD and CSRD.

Framework Specific Compliance

Impact and Materiality Assessment

Transforming regulatory requirements into strategic tools for informed business decisions and effective biodiversity management.

Impact and Materiality Assessment

In the EU, mandatory impact and materiality assessments are more than regulatory checkboxes. We work closely with our clients, transforming these assessments into strategic assets for informed decision-making. Our tailored approach ensures these insights are not only compliant but also integral to effective biodiversity management in a way that aligns with your broader business goals.

Decision Support

Providing practical tools and guidance to translate your biodiversity action plan into coordinated company-wide actions.

Decision Support

Turning strategy into action needs practical decision support. We design easy-to-use tools that turn your overarching vision into concrete actions that are bespoke to your business.

Whether it’s smart procurement guidelines or decision matrices, our solutions align every part of your company with your sustainability goals.

The result? A cohesive, streamlined approach where every stakeholder understands their role in championing biodiversity.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Implementing comprehensive metrics and indicators to track progress and optimise your biodiversity sustainability journey.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Effective tracking is key for measuring your nature-positive strategy’s success. We help you define precise metrics and indicators, offering a clear view of your sustainability journey. Our approach adapts to the unique aspects of your business, encompassing everything from biodiversity impact to staff well-being and ecosystem services.

With our diverse expertise, we create a streamlined system to monitor and evaluate your progress in real-time.

Practical Delivery

Seamlessly implementing your biodiversity strategy with hands-on guidance and a focus on measurable, real-world impact.

Practical Delivery

Practical Delivery is about transforming your biodiversity strategy from a visionary blueprint, into impactful actions. We collaborate closely to integrate these strategies into your daily operations, focusing on effective implementation and tangible results. Our approach is direct and hands-on, ensuring every step taken is a stride towards meaningful environmental progress.

Who needs nature-positive consultancy?

Whether you’re new to biodiversity or aren’t sure where to start – you’re not alone. Biodiversity is overwhelming and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

If you’re currently working in any of the job roles below, you could be an ideal client:

  • Chief Sustainability Officer/Director of Sustainability
  • Environmental Manager
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Manager
  • Supply Chain/Procurement Manager
  • Facilities or Operations Manager
  • Head of Risk Management
  • CEO/C Suite
  • Director of Nature Programs
  • Biodiversity Manager
  • ESG Director

Reasons to Choose Biodiversify

Break down the jargon

Our biodiversity strategists break down the jargon so you understand the process every step of the way.

Collaboration is key

We’ll coordinate all the relevant parties in your company so everyone’s on the same page. Collaboration is key – but this is no easy feat to pull off.

Get to grips with the metrics

What you think your company needs may be different to what you actually need. There are far too many factors to consider, and with no single overarching metric – you simply can’t manage this alone.

Deep expertise in corporate biodiversity

Deep expertise in corporate biodiversity sets us apart. We have a track record of successfully steering numerous companies towards effective nature-positive practices.

Tailored approach to biodiversity strategy

With our tailored approach, we work with businesses like yours to navigate this intricate terrain, transforming challenges into opportunities for sustainable growth.

The UK experts in nature-positive consultancy

Biodiversify has been at the cutting edge of this revolution since writing the first-ever guide to developing a corporate biodiversity strategy with Kering. Experience has taught us that all companies require bespoke solutions, so we have specialised in working collaboratively with our clients.

Take the first step

To ensure your company remains operational for years to come, you must take action now. Otherwise, you risk damaging your brand’s reputation, failing to comply with regulations or being accused of greenwashing.

So, let us take away the stress, align your stakeholders and create your nature-positive roadmap today.

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