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Our landscape planning consultants help your business achieve its nature positive ambitions. By combining ecological intelligence with strategic planning, we’ll help you nurture biodiversity and plan for responsible growth.

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What is a landscape-level plan for nature?

Landscape-level plans (also known as spatial plans) are dynamic blueprints for enhancing nature across landscapes. Going beyond biodiversity, landscape-level plans integrate ecological data, human dynamics, stakeholder values and economic factors.

Our approach to landscape planning creates ecosystems that thrive – with positive impacts on nature, community development and people’s wellbeing.

Who needs landscape planning consultancy?

Whether your company’s involved with large infrastructure development or you’re a big business looking to invest in nature, we’ll give you a clear strategic framework so you can measure environmental impact, establish the ROI of your efforts and enhance your company’s sustainability profile.

Key Elements of our Landscape Level Plans for Nature

Detailed Maps: Precision-Targeted Action Areas

Ideal for large infrastructure projects, these detailed maps strategically identify areas for intervention, focusing on regions most impacted by development. Our detailed maps are essential for mitigating environmental impact.

Biodiversity Focus: Data-Driven Ecological Insights

If you’re looking to invest in nature, our biodiversity-focused approach to landscape planning uses extensive social, economic and ecological data to identify areas where interventions can have the most significant impact, so you can promote biodiversity while benefiting your business.

Systematic Conservation Planning: Best Practice Approach

Our landscape plans are grounded in SCP - an international best approach for solving environmental problems that combines analysis and a social process to identify priority areas for natural capital action.

Stakeholder Analysis: Aligning Interests and Values

Essential for businesses engaging diverse parties in environmental strategies, our stakeholder analyses ensure that plans are inclusive. We’ll balance local community interest, regulatory requirements and your business’s objectives.

Cost Assessment: Balancing Financial and Ecological Returns

Our cost assessment provides insights into the financial impacts of nature restoration, enabling you to make cost-effective, well-informed decisions and ensure your investment has tangible benefits for nature. This is important for assessing the ROI of your landscape planning.

Synergistic Planning: Creating Coherent Ecosystem Strategies

If you’re aiming for more rigorous environmental impact, synergistic planning is key. It involves coordinating conservation activities so they complement each other, leading to more robust and resilient ecosystems.

Why we stand out

Holistic Approach

We bring together ecological data, stakeholder input, cost considerations, and all other relevant factors to ensure you end up with a comprehensive plan that’s tailor-made for your business.

Clarity and Confidence in Action

By the end of our process, you’ll have a clear, actionable strategy that you can deliver on your own (or with our support if desired). Either way, you’ll be set up for success.

Maximising Impact

Our landscape planning ensures that every action taken is part of a larger, coordinated effort – leading to more significant, sustainable environmental benefits.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Utilising SCP-led cost analysis, our approach selects the most cost-effective solutions to meet your environmental goals, ensuring efficient use of resources – and maximum impact on nature.

Our planning process

Understanding Your Goals and Landscapes

We begin with an in-depth analysis of your specific objectives and the landscape in question, reviewing existing projects and data to build upon past efforts.

Engaging with Stakeholders

We collaborate with all relevant parties to align goals and understand needs early in the process.

Developing Your Customised Plan

Using our expertise, we craft a detailed, actionable strategy that’s tailor-made for your business.

Implementation and Monitoring

Your landscape plan will be integrated with your overarching business strategy, so you can effectively set up and track the benefits of your investment in nature. With the right tools and methodologies, you’ll understand how to report your environmental efforts in line with globally known biodiversity frameworks.

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