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BAM | Supporting BAM in scoping and assessing their relationship with nature


How BAM are putting the building blocks in place to become a thought-leader in the Biodiversity space.

BAM are a key member within the construction sector in regards to pushing the ambition envelope for biodiversity for the whole sector. BAM are a Nature Positive Business Pledge signatory and was one of the early members of the Supply Chain Sustainability School. Find out how we are helping them with their efforts.

Translating ambition into action

We partnered with BAM to build their internal understanding on biodiversity, where they sit in the biodiversity landscape, and identify future opportunities for further biodiversity action within their own operations as well as their supply chain. This included two phases:

Phase 1

Scoping phase – to help establish the context needed for a robust biodiversity workstream. We compiled all our findings into a scoping report, highlighting key themes around the company’s current approach to managing risks and impacts on nature in projects, their own operations and the supply chain, as well as its vision and ambition for the future and opportunities and challenges the company may experience in improving its impact on nature.

Phase 2 (completed by summer 2024)

CSRD ESRS E4 guidance – support BAM to report against CSRD ESRS E4 disclosure requirements. We are providing information on how to report against ESRS E4 requirements alongside data needs, where relevant. We will also provide a step-by-step guidance on the activities that could be needed to achieve robust disclosure.

Impact and dependency analysis – focus primarily on understanding biodiversity impacts and dependencies from BAM’s supply chain and direct operations. This includes conducting a risk assessment on BAM’s prioritised construction materials. From this we will provide recommended priority areas for BAM to focus on in any future strategy development.

We’ve worked closely with BAM over the last year and it is great to work with an organisation who have real leadership ambition and want to push their entire sector forward for biodiversity.

How has this helped BAM

The scoping report has helped BAM biodiversity managers to educate internally the key areas where BAM could be enhancing their support for biodiversity, specifically around their direct operations and early project design, as well as supply chain considerations. Furthermore, the scoping report has helped to show BAM that whilst their biodiversity ambition statements are strong, there is room for enhancement in regards to the level of measures being implemented at the project level. This work has laid the evidence foundation for BAM in developing plans to ensure their action is matching their ambition in the future.

You don’t know how much this is going to help us with shaping our action plan

Gaëlle Bardsley, Biodiversity and Climate Adaptation Lead

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